267518_10150234866510847_2272717_nMy first official post… is all about the  main event that kicked start my  interest in Instagram, interest and blogs. I was on the hunt for inspirations…  inspirations to plan my wedding (then came nursery, home etc).

We were on our 6 weeks European Holiday celebrating 2 years of being together. We would be in Paris for our final leg of the trip so I thought maybe, just maybe, it would happen then. But, I did not see this coming..he proposed in Venice whilst on the gondola at the beginning of our trip..

I was too busy being a tourist and taking photos of my surroundings that it took me a few minutes to register what had happen. He got one knee (whilst balancing himself on the gondola), pulled out a ring and popped the question.

We spent the rest of the evening sipping on champagne with strawberry, listing to the amazing music with locals randomly dancing on the streets at Caffe Florian in St Marks Square.  It was super romantic.

On the 4th June 2011, “I SAID YES!”.




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