Welcome Cocktail Party


What do you do when 40 of your closest friends and family travel all the way from Australia to Greece?

You spoil them to an all inclusive 3 day celebration!! To welcome our amazing guests to the magical island of Santorini we threw a sunset welcome cocktail party at none other than PKCocktail Bar.

With the help of Vas and his team the night was sure a night to remember.. well blur moments at least. Safe to say, with an open bar and delicious canapés paired with the epic Santorini Sunset and finished off with a surprise firework display it was one of the most special and magical night we had. Drinks were good (and strong !!), lucky our wedding the next day started in the evening.

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TRAVELOGUE: Bali, Indonesia


Preparing for our European travel we had to organise  Passport for the kids.. When we were taking photos for Lucas Passport, he would not look at the camera. I had to “negotiate” with him and say that if we was to take a good photo we can go holidays, on a plane, to the beach… it worked like magic.. however , safe to say he held me to it. constantly asking me “mummy holiday now?, go to the beach??” this went on for at least 4 months. SOOO, we decided to take the kids to Bali.

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