photo by : George Pahountis Photography ( www.pahountis.gr )


First of all a HUGE thank you to the girls (Dina, Stella and Eva) from Stella & Moscha for making our dream wedding possible. 

Yes we have the images (which I will share soon) and now the last piece of our wedding has finally arrived… THE VIDEO!

To be honest, the idea of hiring a videographer was abit daunting. I didn’t really want a traditional wedding video showcasing the odd awkward moments, conversations, guests eating and drinking all night. Before planning our wedding I seriously had no idea that wedding videos could be in fact edited to a mini movie capturing all the best highlights in an artistic way. I am incredibly beyond happy with out decision to work with the amazing WedFilms Studios who produced exceptional cinematic quality videos. They were able to focus on “romanticism and capturing natural, “real” footage”.

Wedfilms Studios  provided me with 3 mini movies (preparations+ceremony, reception + dancing, post wedding sunset cruise) and a mini trailer (a snapshot of the highlights). It perfectly captures the memory of how we wanted the entire wedding trip and I am so trilled to be sharing the Mini trailer with you all. The other mini movies totalled 1.5hours so I might share those in another post when I am having Santorini withdrawals .. but here is the fun and upbeat Trailer of #JOHNLOVESKAT … enjoy!

this brings such memories… oh how I miss Santorini…



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