Throwback to our 2 day engagement celebration held on 17th February 2012 and 18th February 2012.

I was pregnant with my first child and still at this point of our relationship both our family have never met so this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our new status. My side of the family is very big!! (main reason why we decided to have a destination wedding) so, John and I threw 2 parties to celebrate our engagement.

First gathering was a nice dinner at Dragon Palace with ALL the (+extended) family.

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The Second was a tad more crazier with all our friends at The Royal on the Waterfront, East Perth.

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It was an evening I will never forget and will look back on often to remember how many wonderful people are part of our life. Thank you to my lovely cousins who organised a Polaroid guest book as our engagement present.

A Huge thank you to everyone who made it a wonderful night full of love and drunkenness (yes, that is papa bear pulling his shirt up) that we will not forget.

Love K&J


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